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The latest newcomer to the Madison Square Park area is Hill Country Chicken (1123 Broadway at 25th Street), a spinoff of the popular Hill Country Barbecue Market (30 West 26th Street).

Hill Country Chicken features high quality fried chicken, sides, fresh pies and homemade ice cream, served in a Southern diner-like environment. Ignoring the recent trend towards the Korean style fried chicken (smaller with lighter batter or just marinade) as well as heart healthy doctor warnings, Hill Country heaps on the ‘fried’ with their over-sized pieces of chicken. But somehow underneath the crunchy coating, the chicken remains tender and juicy.

You order by the piece with prices ranging from $5.50 (breast) to $1.75 (large wing). You can also order Texas Tenders for about $2 each. If you’re insistent on greens you can also get a fried chicken salad ($9.75) or a side of carrot raisin slaw, corn salad, or homemade pickles. Heavier sides include ‘Cheesy Fried Mashed Potatoes’ or fresh cut fries. They have a dozen pies available in various sizes and rotating homemade ice creams. For beverages, it’s the full line of Boylan sodas (cane cola, grape, root beer, black cherry, etc) as well as a freshly squeezed strawberry lemonade or mint iced tea. Beer and wine are coming soon.

Early interest has been very high, and they were actually out of breasts and almost all of the pies by the time MadParkNews rolled in, so we settled for the Texas Tenders with dipping sauces, wings and drumsticks as well as a side of the cheese fried mashed potatoes, a pecan pie, and the mint tea.

The pleasant surprise of the meal were the chicken tenders, which are each very large, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, pretty much tasting like breast meet. The 3-piece ($6.50) Texas Tenders are more than enough as a meal for one person. The other surprise was that the ‘Cheesy Fried Mashed Potatoes’, which sounded extremely decadent, were actually remarkably plain. As far as sides go, we would prefer the mac ‘n cheese at sister restaurant Hill Country BBQ over the mashed potatoes here any day. Overall though the chicken just tastes really fresh and good, beyond comparison to any fast food chain’s fried chicken.

Here is the full Hill Country Chicken menu.

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