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The restaurant ilili (236 5th Avenue) is back at the food court in Madison Square Eats (formerly Madison Square Market) and we couldn’t resist getting some of the home-made Phoenician Fries.

The fries are made on demand and tossed with sumac, salt, and parsley and come with a spicy dipping sauce. Excellent.

The Green Lemonade is also completely refreshing – it’s a mix of ginger, cucumber, and sugar.

The pressed chicken sandwich on the menu, which has pulled chicken, pickles, and the flavorful garlic whip. It’s a childhood favorite of the owner.

Also on the menu is Falafel Beiruti, two kinds of Kafta Arayess, and two kinds of Manushe (Lebanese pizza). They will also be roasting a lamb every Saturday and featuring chicken schwarma every Sunday. Besides the lemonade they serve Lebanese Almaza beer and red and white wine.

If nothing else stop by for a Green Lemonade when it is hot out….and try to resist the fries.

Here is a list of all the food stands in Madison Square Park. It runs every day from 11am to 9pm through June 3rd just west of Madison Square Park in the “Worth Square” area between 5th and Broadway and 24th Street and 25th Street. Grab lunch, an afternoon snack, or an amazing dinner to go.

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