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KalBQ, a Korean fusion restaurant is now open in the Flatiron at 36 Lexington Avenue (between 23rd and 24th street). It’s the creation of owner Q Park, who was born in New York City of Korean parents, with the goal of bringing healthy modern Korean food to New Yorkers.

The food fuses Korean flavors and American culture in a ‘fast casual’ environment. Dishes include sliders, kimchi quesadillas, wraps, Korean tacos and the Bibim Rice Bowl (a take on the signature Korean dish but customizable with choice of rices, vegetables, sauces, and meats/vegetables/tofu), and a selection of vegetarian dishes.

We have not tried it yet but stop by for lunch this week and let us know what you think. The early Yelp reviews look promising.

Here is the KalBQ menu.

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