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The Kimchi Taco Truck is back in the Flatiron today (Tuesdays in the Flatiron at 24th and Broadway from 11:30-2:30pm). We tried it last week for the first time  and for our 3 tacos (yes you can get one of each) we had the pulled chicken, the spicy Korean beef, and the tofu falafel, as well as the kimchi anacini. You can see what they looked like in the photos here.

Favorites were split between the pulled chicken taco (“Slow Cooked Shredded Chicken lightly sautéed with Red Wine Soy Sauce Reduction”) and the tofu edamame falafel taco (“Ground Tofu, Edamame and Chickpeas flavored with Signature Asian Spices topped with Zesty Kimchi Yogurt Sauce”)

Overall it was a satisfying lunch with some bold Korean flavors. Tip: the line can get very long. Try going right at 11:30 or after 2pm. We would definitely go back, but would pick our moment depending on the length of the line.

They tell us there will be a new summer menu featuring Ssam (Korean cuisine “wrapped” in leafy vegetables around meat or  pork), which is lighter and better suited towards warmer weather. Rumor is they will also be opening a full restaurant in Prospect Heights as early as Memorial Day.

Here is the full Kimchi Taco Truck menu.


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