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By Rebecca Bratburd for

Madison Square Eats (SEE all menus from all stands here) offers a pleasing diversity of foods from small snacks to hearty lunches just to the west of Madison Square Park. In an attempt to get a taste of many things, I ended up mixing an empanada with a vegetarian meatball slider and topped it all off with an immaculate macaroon.

La Sonrisa’s Coconut Curry Chicken empanada ($3.50) was sweeter than expected thanks to sweetened coconut milk and its flavor was incredibly mild. The snack was deep fried to perfection and the all-white shredded chicken inside was moist and satisfying. Where the empanada lacked in flavor, it made up for in crispy texture.

The veggie meatball ($3.50) is not Mighty Ball’s strong point, but it did have a very buttery texture from the cheese infused into it. Luckily, Mighty Balls boasts some seriously mouth-watering sauces: Mighty Hot Jalapeno Jelly, African Onion, Tempting Tomato, Not Your Average Brown Sauce, and Cranberry Horseradish. I went with Tempting Tomato, a simple yet fiery sauce that added a much needed kick to the veggie meatball.

Macaron Parlour’s Gianduja macaroon ($2.50) was the cherry on top of this meal. The sweet treat tasted so fresh it must have been made that morning. The thin, crisp layer gave way to a light cake-like cookie shell, and the hazelnut and semisweet chocolate ganache (think Nutella) center was the tops. Luckily, Madison Square Eats runs daily until October 9, giving me plenty of time to try all of Macaron Parlour’s 12 untraditional flavors of macaroons.

(Clockwise from top: Baby Got Back Ribs Almost Sweet Tea, Mighty Ball’s Veggie Slider with Tempting Tomato Sauce, La Sonrisa’s Coconut Curry Chicken Empanada, and Macaron Parlour’s Gianduja Macaroon.)

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