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A large Starbucks has opened up on the corner of 26th Street and Broadway (1140 Broadway) just northwest of Madison Square Park. Normally the opening of a Starbucks isn’t that interesting given how many there are, but what makes this a bit different is that they have taken down a spot on Broadway in that corridor between 26th and 30th Street which has some great architecture, but has been dominated by cheap perfume and clothing wholesalers and counterfeit goods.

The Ace Hotel along with No 7 Sub and the John Dory started the change when they took over 29th and Broadway, and the upcoming Nomad Hotel and restaurant will do wonders for the 28th and Broadway spot. The stretch of Broadway had a rich history as Tin Pan Alley, as well as part of the garment district and then the flower district before becoming a hub for wholesale goods and cheap import/export businesses (and counterfeits).

For all the Starbucks haters out there, this is an improvement over what was going on across that stretch of Broadway that at times resembles the worst aspects of Canal street.

 Large Starbucks opens at 26th and Broadway, an improvement to stretch of wholesale shops, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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