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[UPDATE: We get unconfirmed word from a reader that they may be closing the location next to ABC Home in the next few months] Another Le Pain Quotidien opened up in the Flatiron, this time at 931 Broadway between 21st and 22nd Street. Interestingly, there already is a Le Pain Quotidien in the Flatiron just 2 blocks down at 38 East 19th Street next to ABC Home (between Broadway and Park Avenue South). We don’t know the scoop on why they would open two locations so close to each other, but if anyone does know, please email us at We know there are now a lot of LPQ’s in the city, but usually they are spaced out a bit more.

If you have not been to a Le Pain Quotidien, they are actually quite good for a chain. They serve house-made breads, favorites like pain au chocolat, open-faced sandwiches called tartines, and soups and salads among other things. They also have a full breakfast menu (oatmeal, omelettes, granola). See the full menu at

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