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Brooklyn Blackout Cake

One of our favorites this year at Madison Square Eats is Steve’s Craft Ice Cream. Admittedly we have been back 3 times, always to get some of the Brooklyn Blackout Cake Ice Cream. What is it? Well it’s milk chocolate ice cream, with chunks of Ovenly’s Black Chocolate Stout cake with swirls of dark chocolate pudding. Wow. This is like eating amazing birthday cake with ice cream, all in one bite. If this sounds at all good to you, you need to get down there and try it.

You get 2 flavors in a dish for $4. The Salty Caramel ice cream is also very good, and the mint cacao chip is loaded with fresh mint creme and cacao nibs. If your drink of choice is bourbon, the Small Batch Bourbon Vanilla ice cream won’t disappoint. Every day they seem to mix up the flavor selection, but the Brooklyn Blackout Cake Ice Cream has been there each time we have. It’s awesome.

Mad Sq Eats Spring 2012 runs from May 4th through June 1st. It’s hosted by the Madison Square Park Conservancy and serves food daily in the Worth Square area just west of Madison Square Park (@ 24th and 5th Avenue).

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