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(UPDATE 9/24/12- SEE THE FALL2012 MADISON SQUARE EATS menus at Mad Sq Eats, one of the most popular food events in New York City, is back right here next to Madison Square Park, with dozens of stands featuring some of the neighborhood’s (and city’s) best food.

Mad Sq Eats Spring 2012 runs from May 4th through June 1st. It’s hosted by the Madison Square Park Conservancy and serves food daily in the Worth Square area just west of Madison Square Park (@ 24th and 5th Avenue).

Here is the full vendor list:

  • Antica Focacceria: 2 pastas of the day, Caponata di melanzane, Pane e Panelle, Sicilian rice ball, Sicilian pizza, sweets.
  • Arancini Bros at Mad Sq Eats

    Arancini Bros.: Ragu (Traditional Tomato Meat Sauce, peas, mozzarella, and saffron), Chicken Fontina (Braised shredded chicken with fontina cheese), Nero di Seppia (Squid Ink risotto with spicy shrimp), Spinach Ricotta, Roasted Corn Jalepeno (Corn, jalapeno, sharp cheddar), Nutella (chocolate hazelnut with cinnamon and sugar).

  • ASIADOG: (Beef/chicken/veggie hot dogs with Asian toppings such as bahn mi style, sweet&spicy ketchup, Chines bbq pork belly, kimchi, Thai Mango and more). SEE Asia Dog review at Madison Square Eats.
  • Bar Suzette: Savory crepes including Ham & Cheese ($8), Truffled Mozzarella ($8), Pear/Walnut/Gorgonzola ($9), Bresaola beef parmigianno ($10), and Pesto($10). Sweet crepes including Nutella ($6), Nutella-Banana ($7), Chocolate, Lemon & Butter & Sugar ($7), Butter & Sugar ($6), Nutella-Coconut ($7). They also have grilled Cheeseburger, Fried Chicken, and fresh cut frites.
  • Birch Coffee: Famous iced coffee and regular coffee.
  • Calexico steak tacos

    Calexico: California/Mexico style tacos and burritos with carne asada steak, pork, chicken, veggie. Get the crack sauce.

  • Eataly: M’Buttunata (calzone filled with ricotta cheese, San Marzano Tomato Sauce, Housemade Mozzarella and Black Pepper $10), Chicchinese (calzone filled with fresh escarole, anchovies, neopolitan salame, ricotta cheese, housemade mozzarella, black olives and san marzano tomato sauce $12), Montanara (2 pizzettes with san marzano tomato sauce, parmigiano reggiano $8), and Allessina (2 pizzettes with fresh cherry tomatoes, Housemade Mozzarella and arugula $10). Plus a Dolce Pizzette covered in sugar and filled with chocolate hazelnut creme ($5)
  • Graffiti | Mehtaphor: Graffiti Kebab Burger with Garlic Fries ($9), Graffiti Veggie Street Burger with Garlic Fries ($9), Pork Dumplings ($8), Vegetable Dumplings ($8), Garlic Fries ($3).
  • Gravy: Crawfish fritters ($8), Andouille Dog ($5), Shrimp & Cabbage Rolls ($4), Strawberry Shortcake ($3), Tasso Po’Boy ($7), Crab Toast ($8)
  • Hong Kong Street Cart: Peking Bun ($4), Spicy Edamame ($3), Spring Rolls ($6), ‘Chicken’ Skewers ($4), Beijing Ya Bun (Roast duck, minced shrimp, scallion, and cucumber in a steamed bun $4), Pork Belly Bun ($4), Chili Salted Shrimp ($4), HK Shrimp ($10),  Har Gon (shrimp $5), Sui Ma ($5), Vegetarian Spinach Dumplings ($5). Also Snowflower Ice: Pick flavor (Milk or Green Tea), pick syrup (Condensed Milk, Balsamic Strawberry, Passion Fruit), pick toppings (Almond cookie crumbs, Sweet red bean, Frozen champagne grape, Fresh mango). $6
  • Hot Blondies Bakery: n assortment of Blondies and ‘Brunettes’ ($4 – Peanut Butter Chocolate, Butterscotch White Chocolate, Oatmeal Raisin, Espresso White Chocolate, S’mores, Classic). Also in ‘Babe’ size for $2.
  • ilili pressed chicken sandwich

    ililli: Pressed chicken sandwich, sumac fries, roasted lamb shawarma, chicken shawarma, falafel Beiruti, kafta &eggplant, Lamb shoulder, manushe, beer, wine, green lemonade, baklava). SEE Ilili review at Madison Square Eats.

  • La Sonrísa: Beef empanada, pork empanada, Cuban corn, Pulled Pork Slider,
  • Macaron Parlour: 6-12 kinds of macarons (2.50 each) including Candied Bacon with Maple Cream Cheese, Red Velvet, Nutella, Tiramisu, Lemon, S’mores, Strawberry, Peanut Butter Cup, Caramel Fleur du sel, Cinnamon Pistacio, Passion Fruit and Milk Chocolate, Earl Grey, and more.
  • Mayhem & Stout: Short rib brisket sandwich, Chicken Thigh sandwich, Pork Shoulder sandwich plus pick your sauce and addons (Pickled onions, Spicy slaw, Jalapeno Escabeche, shaved Brussels sprouts, shaved radishes.
  • Mexicue: Alabama BBQ Chicken Slider, BBQ Brisket Slider, Burnt Ends Chili Slider, Tostilocos (bag of fritos stuffed with choice of fixins).
  • Mighty Balls: Classic Italian, Asian, Mexican with Mango Salsa, All American Turkey (all $7)
  • Mile End: Smoked Meat sandwich (Cured & smoked beef brisket $12), Smoked Turkey Sandwich (turkey breast, rillettes, pickles $12), potato salad ($3) Coleslaw ($3), Sour Pickle ($1)
  • Momofuku Compost Cookie

    Momofuku Milk Bar: compost cookie, corn flake cookies, crack pie, corn cookie, Ice Milks, B’day truffles, etc. SEE Momofuku review at Madison Square Eats.

  • Nunu Chocolates: Truffle assortments of Ganache and Caramels. Flavors include a selection of Earl Grey, Raspberry, Prosecco, Espresso, Salt Caramel, Soft Golden Caramel, Peanut Caramel Crush, Double Dark, Hazelnut, and Salt Roasted Cashew Caramels. Plus craft beer and wine pairings and frozen hot chocolate.
  • People’s pops: Various shaved ice flavors includign Sour Cherry, Red Plum, Strawberry Tarragon, Blueberry Apricot.
  • Quartino: Ravioli (100% organic whole wheat green ravioli with pesto $9), Paninis (100% organic grilled sandwiches $7), and Macedonia (100% organic fruit salad w/mango kiwi banana strawberry $6). Plus proseco cocktails with mint and more.
  • Red Hook Lobster Pound: Lobster Rolls ($16) in either Maine style (cold lobster) or Connecticut style (warm lobster), Shrimp Roll (sweet Maine shrimp and homemade tarragon mayo for $10), Lobster BLT ($10), Lobster Niciose ($18), New England Clam Chowder ($7), Down East Bisque ($7), Whoopie Pie ($3)
  • Resto/Cannibal: Pigs Head Cuban ($10), Bacon & Belly Grilled Cheese ($12), Grilled Cheese ($10), Sloppy Lamb ($12), plus beer and wine.
  • Robertas bee sting pizza

    Roberta’s Pizza: Margherita ($8), Speckenwolf ($9) and bee sting ($9) wood-fired pizzas, plus a seasonal pizza. SEE Roberta’s Pizza review at Madison Square Eats.

  • Sigmund’s: Pretzels including Salted, Feta-Olive, Bacon scallion, Truffle-Cheddar, Walnut Blue Cheese, Gruyer Paprika, Cinnamon Raison, Garlic Parsley, Seeded, plus Hot Dog on a pretzel Bun, the Uber, and beers.
  • Steve’s Craft Ice Cream: Brooklyn Blackout Cake Ice Cream, Salted Caramel, Bourbon Vanilla and many more flavors.
  • Stuffed Artisan Cannolis: 6-12 kinds of cannolis daily!


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