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The Dirty

Grilled cheese mecca Melt Shop opened up today just west of Madison Square Park at 55 West 26th Street (between Broadway and 6th Avenue) and lines were out the door. They were fully staffed and handled the crowds well, with wait times of <10 minutes once you order. If you haven’t tried Melt (they have another location on 53rd), many call it the best grilled cheese in the city, and they feature at least 14 types of the classic sandwich. You can also pair it with tomato soup or tator tots, as well as Ronnybrook ice cream milkshakes.

We went for the purest Classic Grilled Cheese, which is solid, and on the suggestion of the cashier, we also tried the Dirty (pepper jack, caramelized onions, pickled jalapenos, crunchy potato chips. The Dirty exemplifies their creative re-invention of the genre of sandwiches, but we have also heard great things about the Buttermilk Fried Chicken grilled cheese (fried chicken, pepper jack, creamy red cabbage slaw, melt sauce), the Three Cheese (gruyere, havarti, goat cheese), and the Award Winner (blue cheese, cheddar cheese, thick cut bacon, cranberry jam). For truffle fans, the Truffle Melt is also supposed to be good. But honestly I don’t think you can go to wrong anywhere on this menu. It is all satisfying. They also have a full breakfast menu (bacon egg and cheese, breakfast wraps and more). See the full menu at

And one thing they really get right is the bread – the pressed sourdough is a perfect home to their grilled cheese concoctions. The 7-Grain also looks good.

Melt Shop is an awesome addition to the neighborhood and definitely worth adding into your lunch time rotation when you are craving comfort food done well.


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