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Grilled cheese pros Melt Shop are opening a second location in our neighborhood in the space at 55 West 26th Street (between Broadway and 6th Avenue) previously held by Antique Cafe.

While they serve up the classic style grilled cheese that you probably have made at home or had at an old school diner, they also have taken creative license to expand the grilled cheese genre with 12 other sandwiches like the  buttermilk fried chicken sandwich (with pepper jack cheese, creamy red cabbage slaw, and special melt sauce), or the 12 hour braised pulled pork sandwich (with sharp cheddar, dill pickle, and homemade barbeque sauce) or the the shroom sandwich (havarti and goat cheese, roasted wild mushrooms, and homemade parsley pesto on multi-grain bread). Of course they also have homemade tomato soup to accompany your grilled cheese, as well as hand spun milkshakes, lemonade and arnold palmers. Plus they serve a huge selection of breakfast sandwiches. Check out the full menu at

It’s run by Managing Partner Spencer Rubin (The Hotel School at Cornell University, BCD) and Consulting Chef Katy Sparks (Executive Chef at Quilty’s) and they currently also have a Melt Shop open at Lexington and 53rd Street.


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