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mizu pink roll

Mizu Pink Roll, with salmon sashimi

You may recall that Flatiron sushi spot Mizu (29 East 20th Street) closed in 2011 first for what was said to be renovations, but then just kind of remained closed until mid-2012.

Well it’s back open again and we finally got around to trying the latest incarnation.

It appears to be the same owners as before, and maybe we missed it last time, but it is officially called Mizu Japanese & Thai cuisine. And while there are certainly some Thai dishes on the menu, we also saw some of their classic rolls on the menu though such as the Pink Roll (cucumber, crunch, tuna, avocado, tobiko, spicy mayo in a pink soy paper).

We ordered a Pink Roll and found it quite similar to how we remember it, and we also ordered some spicy crunchy tuna, spicy crunchy salmon, salmon sashimi, and a King Crab Avocado roll mizu sushi spicy tuna and crab avocado rolls smaller(like a California Roll but with King Crab instead of imitation crab).

While the spicy crunchy tuna and spicy crunchy salmon are standard fare, the King Crab Avocado roll is solid and the Pink Roll is still worth the additional expense (they are also twice the size of regular rolls). The salmon sashimi was also quite fresh. We have not explored the Thai side of the menu. See the full Mizu menu here:

The spot was always popular with people looking for decent quality neighborhood sushi and also with the after work drinks set (there have certainly been ‘sake bombs’ thrown down here in the past). It also a reliable delivery option.

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