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On Sunday, Adam Platt of New York Magazine reviewed two restaurant newcomers in the Madison Square Park area – Junoon (27 W. 24th Street) and the John Dory Oyster Bar (1196 Broadway at 29th Street). You can read both full reviews at

Junoon (New York Magazine rating of “2 stars – Very Good”)

Excerpt from the Junoon review: “…appetizers included two dainty scallops sizzled in the tawa (cast-iron) style, and tubes of tasty though curiously tepid minced-lamb kebabs, which tasted like they’d been grilled in a fire pit (sigri) an hour or so earlier. ­Neither of these dishes was as satisfying as the Goan shrimp, however (small shrimp in a rich, properly fiery piri-piri sauce), or the Tree of Life cauliflower (crisp-fried with a garam masala crust), or the tiny, delicate tandoori-style adraki bater, a whole quartered quail softened in ginger and lime juice and piled over slices of freshly peeled orange.”

John Dory Oyster Bar (New York Magazine rating of “1 star – Good”)

Excerpt from the John Dory Oyster Bar review: “…focus on the limited but excellent oyster selection and ye olde specialties like anchovy toast, kedgeree (garnished with lime and crispy red onions), and, to finish, that ageless comfort food the Eccles cake…”

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