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Milk & Honey dessert

Pete Wells of the New York Times just wrote his review of the NoMad Restaurant inside the new Nomad Hotel (1170 Broadway at 28th Street) with a solid 3 star review. The NoMad Restaurant is the creation of Eleven Madison Park Executive Chef (and co-owner) Daniel Humm and General Manager Will Guidara, and according to Guidara is  “the louder, looser version of Eleven Madison Park, the music turned up, our hair let down a little bit, but where every single thing is intentional…”.

From the NY Times review, “they have done something rather novel and wonderful. The NoMad takes recipes developed in Mr. Humm’s kitchen at Eleven Madison Park and translates them into a more open and generous style. Dishes fastidiously set in place by surgical tweezers to create the intimacy, delicacy and artfulness expected in a $125 four-course menu have been simplified, painted with broader strokes in a more relaxed hand that suits à la carte dining.

The restaurant itself has a few rooms, all in slightly different styles. There is a main dining room area, a large bar, and a ‘Library’ for cocktails and snacks (SEE our review of the library).

Of the dishes we have personally tried, the Milk & Honey dessert is the standout (SEE photo here), and the stuffing under the chicken is amazing.


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