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As part of the new Google Talks series on Youtube, you can watch an hour-long interview (below) with Eleven Madison Park Executive Chef (and co-owner) Daniel Humm and General Manager Will Guidara. They talk about how they got started, the evolution of Eleven Madison Park, Eleven Madison Park: The Cookbook, and what’s next for the two (including the upcoming Nomad Hotel restaurant going in at Broadway and 28th Street that is reportedly opening in late March).

We got some great insight into the Nomad restaurant from the interview, including the opening date of ‘end of March’. Here are some other key quotes from the interview:

The idea here is to take more casual dining and make it more composed.” –  Will Guidara

The food is [Humm’s] food, just not plated with tweezers.” –  Will Guidara

Who says that if you are more casual, and if you’re cooler and there is louder music, who says that the service can’t be just as good.” – Chef Humm

It’s going to have an a la carte menu which is different to Eleven Madison so it’s going to be more accessible form a price point” – Chef Humm

vegetables will play a big role.” but “I think you have to try the chicken” – Chef Humm

The place is like an urban playground… [the restaurant] has many different rooms with different feels it has a a library, it is a bar, it has a fireplace room, it has an atrium.” – Chef Humm

The Nomad restaurant “should be the louder, looser version of Eleven Madison Park, the music turned up, our hair let down a little bit, but where every single thing is intentional...” –  Will Guidara

Here is the interview…

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