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Update: The Nomad Restaurant inside the new Nomad Hotel (1170 Broadway at 28th Street) is set to open to the public tonight (Monday, March 26th). And here is a link to the dinner MENU from Eater:

It’s the creation of Eleven Madison Park Executive Chef (and co-owner) Daniel Humm and General Manager Will Guidara, along with an investment group. Humm and Guidara will still be heavily involved with Eleven Madison Park as well, which they bought from Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospital Group last year.

From the Times write-up: “Mr. Humm’s pride is a beautifully bronzed chicken for two ($88), its skin crusted with brioche and layered with black tuffles and foie gras. And to bring it down to earth, there is a beer, Le Poulet, that Brooklyn Brewery made expressly to match the dish.

Via Nomad menu

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