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Nuela restaurant’s (43 West 24th Street) Arroz con Pato duck entree for two was heralded by the New York Times as one of the ‘Best Dishes in 2010’, but at MadParkNews we had yet to try it. So we went in recently to see what the hype was about.

Overall it’s a great dish, basically giving you a duck tasting 4 ways, all in the confines of one large skillet full of seasoned rice and vegetables. One per-requisite is that you must like duck. You will get a fried duck egg, duck confit, duck foie gras, and sliced, spiced duck breast. The spiced duck breast was the standout, followed by the duck confit. Whatever they crust the seared duck breast with is so flavorful, each bite is one to savor. One trick to the dish is that you chip off the crispy rice stuck to the bottom and sides of the skillet- mix that in for some great texture and flavor.

Note that it is a dish for two people, and it’s $32/person, so you both gotta really want it. But save yourself with a discount (hey it’s a recession).

Also while you are there, the cebiches are outstanding. We had the Market Fish Cebiche and loved it.

Here is the full Nuela dinner menu.

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