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Hill Country Menu MarketToday sampled the Hill Country stand at Madison Square Market. Hill Country is offering a BBQ Beef Sandwich ($7), a Smoked Turkey Leg ($8), Texas Sausage with Jalepeno Cheddar ($7), a Stuffed Potato ($6), and a Bowl of Chili ($5).

Hill Country Turkey legThe Smoked Turkey Leg weighs about 4 pounds, and is smoked in the same way ribs are- in fact several bites will taste very similar to baby back ribs. It’s a very filling meal almost reminiscent of something you would see at a Renaissance Fair (not that I have been to one, but you get the idea).

Hill Country Mad Sq MarktWhen ordered to take away, the Hill Country BBQ Beef Sandwich comes separated into its individual components (bowl of BBQ beef, onion, pickles, hot sauce, and a bun) so you can put it back together to your specs without having a soggy mess in transit.

The Hill Country stand and all the others will be on the west side of Madison Square Park through November 1st, from 11am-7pm.

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