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ilili shrimp salad

We enjoyed a very good Restaurant Week lunch at ilili restaurant  (212-683-2929; 236 5th Avenue) this week, and nothing we ordered disappointed.

The contemporary Mediterranean cuisine at ilili has its foundation in Lebanese flavors, and the Restaurant Week prix fixe lets you dabble in the different spreads, salads, and sandwiches that define a regular lunch at ilili.

Basically you get one side, a lunch salad or sandwich, and a dessert. We tried,

ilili falafel wrap

and highly recommend, either the Hummus and the Whipped Chankleesh (Spiced feta, cream, olive oil, vincotto) as your side, but the Phoenician Fries with the sumac salt and garlic whip are also a favorite (make sure they fully cook the fries).

The Shrimp Salad is also a great, and totally original, lunch dish featuring grilled spiced shrimp, avocado, dried cherries, and dates in a lemon vinaigrette.

The Falafel wrap was also quite satisfying, and the Grilled Chicken Wrap with the garlic whip is very good.

Whipped Chankleesh

Personally I don’t eat lamb and we did not order it, but the Lamb Burger also is supposed to be good.

Finally for dessert we had the ilili Candy Bar, which is rich chocolate ganache, pistachio and fig caramel, and chocolate kataifi crunch.

It’s delicious and the perfect portion size, as we would have eaten double the amount to the detriment of our fitness goals, but were happy to have just enough to satisfy a sweet craving after lunch.

ilili candy bar

Here is the full ilili restaurant Week lunch menu.

Restaurant Week goes through August 10th. You can see the participating restaurants in the neighborhood (and links to their menus at

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