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Thanks to all that voted for their favorite food in the neighborhood for the last year. We cleaned up the vote jammers and duplicates and here are the results:

Best New Restaurant of 2010 – ABC Kitchen (runner-up was No.7 Sub and then the John Dory Oyster Bar)

Best Brunch of 2010 – The Breslin (runner-up was Penelope and then Almond)

Best Burger of 2010 – ABC Kitchen (runner-up was the Shake Shack and then the Breslin)

Best Coffee/Cafe of 2010 – Birch Coffee (runner-up was Stumptown and then Blue Dog Cafe)

Best Pizza of 2010 – A tie between Eataly’s La Pizza AND Patsy’s (followed by Waldy’s)

Best Indian of 2010 – Tamarind (runner up was Chennai Garden and then Dhaba)

Best Takeaway Lunch of 2010– No. 7 Sub (runner-up was Birch and then ‘wichcraft)

Sometimes these surveys come down to who can rally their fans to vote for them, and there was certainly some of that evidenced in voting patterns. But overall, all of these restaurants are quite good, and definitely worth stopping by. We will announce the Best Overall Restaurant of 2010 tomorrow.

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