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When Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen opened this last September just off of Madison Square Park on 23rd Street, we scratched our head at the thought of another premium burger spot in the area. There are lots of great burgers to be had at places like the Breslin, BRGR, Fresh N Fast, Bar Breton, Hillstone, Resto, and of course Shake Shack.

It took a while to give Schnippers a try, but we finally did and were pleasantly surprised with the menu and the food. It’s much more than just burgers, with a large selection of freshly grilled chicken sandwiches and fresh salads such as the Asian Chop, the Fig & Blue Cheese, and the Fresh Beet & Goat Cheese. It definitely has the high quality modern diner feel that is reminiscent of popular SF and Napa spot, Taylor’s Refresher (now Gott’s Roadside). The space is big and open and comfortable with plenty of seating. Food takes about 15 minutes to receive.

We tried the Chicken Bacon Cheddar Melt, which features just grilled chicken, bacon, melted cheddar cheese, baby arugula, plum tomatoes, and Schnipper sauce all on fresh ciabatta ($8.99). I would definitely order this again. We also ordered the Fresh Beet & Goat Cheese salad ($8.50), which was pretty much as advertised and included dried cranberries, toasted walnuts, scallions, homemade croutons in a vinaigrette dressing. Surprisingly high quality ingredients for a diner atmosphere.

We had also heard a lot about the Mac ‘N Cheese and the Sweet Potato Fries but left that decision up to the cashier, who suggested the Sweet Potato Fries w/ Maple dipping sauce ($3.99). The fries are decent, but the maple dipping sauce is like a sugary crack and the fries simply became a vehicle to get more maple sauce.

Finally we split a Salted Caramel shake ($5.50), which is super sweet and rich, but as good as, if not better, than any shake in the area.

We skipped the burgers entirely, but a lot of people love them, so we will try them next time.

Bottom line: If you have not been in there yet, it is DEFINITELY worth a try for lunch. You can even order online for delivery.

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