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The Thin Mints, the Samoas, the Tagalogs, the Dos-si-dos. Ok, so maybe you haven’t seen an actual girl scout since childhood, and are not even sure if they still exist (at least from observation in Manhattan), but you know their cookies are out there a couple months each year.

Well right here in the Flatiron is the headquarters of the , and we learned last year that you can go to a cookie store set up on the 6th floor at their office location (43 West 23rd Street between 5th and 6th Avenues). It’s just west of Madison Square Park.

It will remain open only until May 3rd with very specific hours. Hours are Tuesday (12:30-4:30pm), Wednesday (2:30-6:30pm) and Thursday (12:30-4:30pm).

Get your cookies while they are still available and support a good cause.

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