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Shake Shack adds a couple menu specials in honor of the NY Giants in the Superbowl. This weekend, get the BIG BLUE (Griddled all-beef hot dog w/spicy tomato-simmered onions & crumbled blue cheese, $4) or the TWO-PINT CONVERSION (Buy two pints of custard, the thirdโ€™s on us!). Superbowl weekend only!

And here is the Shake Shack Custard Calendar for February 2012:

(Remember you can use the shorter B Line to get custard at Shake Shack!)

Monday: Lemon Poppy Seed Creme Fraiche
Tuesday: Chocolate Passion Fruit
Wednesday: Pineapple Brown Sugar
Thursday: Coconut Caramel Pecan
Friday: Chocolate Chip Cookie
Saturday: PB&J
Sunday: Coffee & Donuts

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