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Today at 11am, Shorty’s Authentic Philly Steaks & Sandwiches will open up at 66 Madison (between 27th and 28th streets), just north of Madison Square Park. It’s their second location in the city.

They serve up steak sandwiches, chicken steak sandwiches and roast pork and chicken cutlet sandwiches, all Philly style. The freshly baked Italian rolls are shipped in from Philadelphia, and they won’t use wheat bread or pitas for your sandwich. While cheese steaks may be what they lead with, a lot of the raving from customers is about the roast pork sandwiches. Here is the full menu at Shortys.

A quick glance inside shows dozens of big screen TVs, so you can likely catch your favorite sports on at Shorty’s as well.

They also serve up 22 craft beers at the Hell’s Kitchen location, and from the filings it looks like they will do the same here at 66 Madison.

Their Hell’s Kitchen location is very popular, with over 170 Yelp reviews and an average rating of 4 stars.

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