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After hearing various people mention it, we had to head to No. 7 Sub (1188 Broadway between 28th and 29th street) to try the Filet-o-Fish sandwich.

A clear re-invention of the McDonald’s ‘classic’, the sandwich features a lightly (breaded?) fish filet, American Cheese, Cilantro, and Roasted Tomatillo-Chili Mayo.

Overall it’s a satisfying sandwich that will cure any latent childhood craving for the McDonald’s version, and you won’t feel gross afterwards. As with all No 7 sandwiches, the ingredients taste fresh, and the flavors are amazing. There’s a bit higher bread to ingredients ratio on this sandwich compared to their others, but if you want filet o fish sandwich, this is the way to do it. ($9 for a very large sandwich)

We have also heard great things about the pulled pork, and of course people love the General Tso’s tofu sandwich.

(Click the photo to enlarge it and get a good look).

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