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Bistec & Pastor tacos

A new food truck showed up yesterday next to Madison Square Park (25th and 5th Avenue) called Mexico Blvd, serving up Mexico City style tacos and tortas. The menu was conceived by a Mexican father and son team, with the son (Chef Jordi Loaeza) running things. Beyond what he learned from his father (also a chef) about Mexican flavors growing up, Chef Loaeza spent time at Tom Colicchio’s restaurant, Riverpark. The truck just got going in New York City last month.

The menu consists of 4 types of tacos (soft of course) with richly marinated pork, chicken, and steak. There are two types of pork fillings, either Adobo (marinated 24 hours in an adobo) or Pastor (marinated in 3 chiles sauce, with cilantro, onion and pineapple). Tacos are $3 each.

Tinga taco

The Tinga (shredded chicken marinated in a tomato and chipotle sauce) and the Bistec (top round steak in a drunken sauce with onion and cilantro) are your other filling choices. You can add a red or green salsa and cheese.

We tried all four, and the depth of flavors was noticeable compared to what you would find in other tacos in the city. Our favorite was actually the shredded chicken taco with the chipotle sauce. The side of guacamole was the highlight of the meal though, properly prepared and served with a chip seemingly spiced with chili and lime – sort of what a Dorito should be if made from more natural ingredients. I would go back just to get some guacamole and chips as an afternoon snack.

Also on the menu are 4 Tortas (Mexican style sandwich) with the same fillings as the tacos, plus avocado, lettuce tomatoes, onion sour cream and jalepenos on bread. They look amazing, but we went tacos this time around. For drinks they serve Aguas Frescas and Mexican sodas.

Here is the full menu.

Find their location each day at

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