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We all know Hill Country BBQ Market (30 West 26th Street) serves up amazing Texas style BBQ right here in the Madison Square Park area. It’s packed most nights and brings a completely different restaurant vibe to Manhattan. There’s no pretension, no fancy decor or architecture, and they literally serve the food sliced to order on brown paper. People vary on what they like best, but it usually centers around the pork ribs, the moist brisket, the green bean casserole, the beef ribs, and the Mac & Cheese, as well as the PB&J cupcakes. We love it all here at

One of our favorite things to order is the PitMaster’s special, which includes 1/4 lb Lean Brisket, One Pork Spare Rib, One Beef Rib Quarter All Natural Chicken, and any two Sides for ~$25. They say it’s ‘for one’ but it is a LOT of food, and can EASILY feed two people or set you up with leftovers. You may have to fight over (or share) the ribs though.

Note you can order and pick up or have it delivered as well, and it travels fairly well although we suggest eating it there if you can.

See the full Hill Country menu and specials at

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