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An astonishing 3 chefs with restaurants in the Flatiron are on the current season of Top Chef Masters (Bravo, Wednesdays at 10pm). Unlike the regular Top chef series, Top Chef Masters features accomplished chefs as contestants competing to raise money for a charity of their choice.

This season features George Mendes of Aldea (31 West 17th St), Suvir Saran of Devi (8 E 18th St) and Floyd Cardoz of recently closed Tabla (11 Madison Avenue) all as contestants.

Chef Mendes is competing for the charity Water, Chef Saran is competing for Agricultural Stewardship Association and Chef Cardoz is competing for the Young Scientist Cancer Research Fund at Mount Sinai Medical School.

The series is 3 episodes in, but they are all available on demand (channel 1012) or often before or after the current episode.


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