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We get word from the Real Deal that Uncle Sam’s, a Chinese restaurant ironically featuring American burgers, will open in Nomad at 307 Fifth Avenue (between 31st and 32nd Street). This will be the first spot in the United States for the Bejing-based burger chain, and they will apparently be trying to compete against Shake Shack quality burgers, rather than say McDonalds.

They chose the location based on foot traffic from locals and tourists (a block down from the Empire State Building). Uncle Sam’s will reportedly open by the end of the year. The previous tenant in the space was Cafe Feastro.

If anyine has eaten at an Uncle Sam’s in China, please comment below!

307 5th AvenueUncle Sam’s, Chinese burger restaurant, to open in Nomad, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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