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So Eataly (200 5th Avenue) has sought out the rare white truffle d’Alba and will be selling them all day on Sunday, December 18th.

Truffles are typically found using the help of pigs or dogs to sniff them out from underground. They are mostly found in the wild near certain types of trees and they are quite difficult to cultivate/farm.

Any home chefs or restaurants can pick some of the prized ingredient up in the Eataly market at $5.80/gram. Shaving a bit of a pungent white truffle over pasta or a fried egg will give your dish a rich and distinct flavor.

Because the white truffles predominantly come from the Piedmont region of Italy, the Eataly restaurants will all be featuring a Piemontesi-inspired dish. There will also be truffles in a dish at each restaurant.


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