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Thank you for the record number of votes on your favorite food in the Flatiron and Madison Square Park areas for 2011!  A big congratulations to all of the winners as the competition was absolutely fierce in most categories. (NOTE: These winners were by popular vote and not chosen by MadParknews; next year only mailing list members will be able to vote, and only one time, to avoid the rampant vote stuffing that took hours to undo).

Best spot for brunch? Winner: The Breslin (2nd place Almond, 3rd place tie between Penelope and Friend of a Farmer)

Best Pizza in the neighborhood? Winner was Eataly’s La Pizza (2nd place tie between Grimaldis and Zero Otto Nove, 3rd place to Patsy’s)

Best Indian of 2011? Winner was Tamarind (Very close 2nd place by Junoon, 3rd place to Dhaba)

Best takeaway lunch spot? Winner was Shake Shack (Very close 2nd place to No 7 Sub, 3rd place to Shorty’s)

Best burger 2011? Winner was Shake Shack (2nd place The Breslin, 3rd place to Fresh N Fast)

Best coffee of 2011? Winner was Lavazza Cafe (2nd to Stumptown, 3rd to Birch Coffee)

Best Southern / BBQ? Winner was Blue Smoke (2nd to Hill Country BBQ Market, 3rd place to Hill Country Chicken)

Best new Restaurant of 2011? Winner was La Mar Cebicheria Peruana (2nd to Shorty’s, 3rd to Birriera)

Best Overall Restaurant of 2011? (Editor’s NOTE: We will re-think this category for next year as many of us have not had an opportunity to eat at all of these high-end spots such as Eleven Madison Park, so it’s not really a fair and even vote). With that said, the winner by votes was Craft (2nd was Manzo, 3rd was Tamarind)

Final thoughts: The amount of outstanding restaurants in our neighborhood is staggering, and competition was fierce in every category. Sometimes voting reflects restaurants that have massive Facebook/Twitter and mailing list followings that they can reach out to. Have fun with the results but don’t take them as the final word. Try them all for yourself. Every restaurant that was nominated serves great food. Enjoy!

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