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With the opening of Zero Otto Nove (15 West 21st Street), the pizza boom continues in the Madison Square Park area with more of the city’s best pizza places converging on the neighborhood. Zero Otto Nove is much beloved on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, and while they may be known for their pizza, they also serve a full menu of pastas and entrees. Trivia…’zero otto nove’ means 089, the phone area code for Salerno Italy which is where executive chef Roberto Paciullo grew up.

Here is the full Zero Otto Nove menu.

So now in the Flatiron/Madison Square Park area you can get Zero Otto Nove, Grimaldis, Patsys, Eataly Le Pizza, Waldy’s, Tappos, and Le Pizza Fresca. Not a bad slice in the bunch.

The MadParkNews Best Pizza in the Flatiron awards are going to be interesting this year…

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