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Reality show ‘Amazon Jungle’ will follow 12 contestants this summer as they live in, try to survive, and are not allowed to leave Madison Square Park. The show normally films in the actual Amazon, but production funds were apparently short given the recession.

“The concept is simple this year” said Producer Jack Johnjack. “12 Contestants, living in the park, eating nothing but Shake Shack every meal for months until they can’t take it any more and leave the boundaries of the Park. Yes of course they love the Shack Burgers now but let’s see what happens after it’s every meal for months. You leave, you lose. It’s Supersize Me meets Survivor”, stated Johnjack. When asked what the contestants will be doing the rest of their days JohnJack replied, “mostly waiting in line at Shake Shack for their next meal while the cameras catch all the line-waiting action”. Here is a trailer.

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