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On Thursday, December 20th in Madison Square Park, there will be a Celestial Communication event for the 2012 Solstice. It all happens around the BuckyBall light sculpture, where meditation/yoga teacher Elizabeth Rossa will lead a Kundalini Yoga-inspired meditation. It will be accompanied by DJ James Healy who has composed a specific soundscape for the occasion.

It sounds a bit like Ancient Aliens meets Burning Man, and seems really out of character for the Madison Square Park Conservancy, but we are all for anything that might reduce people’s stress and gets us to look up from our iPhones for an hour.

It starts up at 6pm with an opening gathering, and then the Celestial Communication goes from 6:30pm-7:30pm. Then some sort of celebration after until 9:30pm.

The event is hosted by the Madison Square Park Conservancy, Shriyoga, and Disorient. Here is the official flyer:

Flyer via

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