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Apparently the recession did not hit everyone. Zombie bonus money must have been huge this year because many were seen at Flatiron open houses before meeting up in Madison Square Park today to parade down to the exclusive and fancy movie premiere of “Survival of the Dead” in the East Village, the latest in Romero’s decades of zombie flicks. It’s not every day that zombies mix it up with the living, so let’s see if we can learn something about them.

Lesson 1: Most zombies follow traffic signals, but Incredible Hulk zombies think jaywalking is a stupid law.

Lesson 2: Zombies can be easily identified by yellow wristbands, and they love shoes

Lesson 3: Zombies prefer 1960's style and don't give a crap about 'modern technology' like 'blogging'. They also do in fact hold their hands out in front of them when they walk.

Lesson 4: Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks? The answer is they like them both equally.

So now we know.

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