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Source: Roger Hotel

The Hotel Roger (131 Madison Avenue at 31st Street) re-launches today after a $12 million redesign under the leadership of John Flannigan, President of JRK Hotel Group. The hotel originally opened in 2004, but with the resurgence of boutique hotels in the Nomad area (Ace Hotel, Nomad Hotel, MAve Hotel, Flatiron Hotel), the property got a full upgrade. The key people involved in the re-design included “hospitality guru Steven Kamali (Capri, Thompson Hotels, Rushmeyers, Surf Lodge, Nobu, many more), designer Anna Busta (W South Beach), mixologist Johnny Swet (Jimmy, Hotel Griffou), and chef Julie Farias (Goat Town).”

One great feature of this hotel are the rooms with terraces. (Photo: above right)

They currently have a 15% off re-launch promotion (code is RELAUNCH) as well in case you have out of town guests coming to the city. Book at And here is the current menu and drinks menu.

And here is a before and after photo of a redesigned room:

Source: Roger Hotel

The Nomad area continues to be popular in recent years for new boutique hotels including the opening of the Ace Hotel (29th and Broadway), the Nomad Hotel (28th and Broadway),  the Flatiron Hotel (26th and Broadway), The Gansevoort Park Hotel (32nd and Park Ave South), and the MAve Hotel (27th and Madison), plus the recently announced Commune Hotel.

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