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senton hotel signThere are a lot of cool boutique hotels in the Madison Square park vicinity including the Ace Hotel , the MAve, the Carlton Hotel, and the Gershwin… senton hotel exterior closed

Then there is the Senton Hotel (39 West 27 Street off Broadway).

If you want to guarantee that you are going to have a jaw-dropping story to take home with you, based on the TripAdvisor reviews it seems the Senton may be your place.

When you have a few minutes to read some of the wildest reviews we have ever seen for a hotel, take a look at the comments on TripAdvisor for the Senton. Some of the more colorful highlights from the reviews include ‘clown porn’, ‘bizarre neighbors’, ‘weird screams’, and one review in French that starts out with “quelle horreur” (our French is rusty but that sounds bad). Not to mention the burgundy curtains just never seem to be open on any room, ever (see arrows on the right).

Note that these reviews are from 2008 or earlier, so maybe it has improved. If nothing more, it could be a NYC deal at $100.

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