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Coming this July, Citi Bike will be the largest bike share system in North America, with 600 stations and 10,000 bikes. These systems have become hugely popular in cities of all sizes, including London where they “recorded 4.5 million trips in its first year of operation.” Citi paid $41 million to be the main sponsor of the program, and MasterCard paid $6.5 million to sponsor the payment system.

How does it work? Well from what we have read, you buy a pass for 1 day ($9.95), 7 days ($25), or a year ($95), and with that you can use any bike in the system, and return it to any docking station in the system. The 1 and 7 day members get 30 minutes to use a bike per trip, and the annual members get 45 minutes per trip at no additional charge. So from what we understand, you can take as many trips as you want, but they each must be under 30 or 45 minutes depending on your membership.

You can even use an app that shows real-time bike availability at different stations. Here is a map which shows where the proposed stations will be near Madison Square park and the Flatiron, and how many bikes it will hold (see the full map here):

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