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Fans out there of the food stands and crafts vendors that have come to Madison Square Park the last two years as part of Madison Square Mark’t take note. DNA info reports that the Community Board 5 Parks committee voted to reject the seasonal event this coming year, and it will go to a full Community Board vote on Thursday, January 13th (6:00 pm at St. Xavier High School at 30 West 16th St. in the 2nd floor library).

The event apparently brought in $150,000 for the Madison Square Park Conservancy this last year but Community Board members allegedly feel it is too similar to other street fairs and blocks pedestrian traffic.

Personally at MadParkNews we love all of the amazing food vendors (browse through the food photos here) that come to a pretty much unused section of concrete just west of Madison Square Park. We also don’t think it is anything like the typical summer street fairs that have the worst of the worst cheap goods and fast food.

We would hate to see the event go. Not sure what can be done but the January 13th meeting is open to the public we believe, and you could always contact Community Board 5 as well with your concerns. Maybe there is a compromise for a shorter duration for the market, or a shift to just the local food stands and no craft vendors… Write in your ideas!

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