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A man who grabbed a woman’s purse on the Oval Lawn yesterday right at the end of the free concert (~5pm) in Madison Square Park yesterday was chased down and caught by locals in the crowd in an awesome community effort. The thief got confused by the lack of un-gated exits off of the lawn and had trouble climbing over the small fence. He was then caught, pulled down and sat on by locals. Police and park security were not involved in the take down but police arrived shortly thereafter.

Excellent work by the crowd not to lose sight of him and for those that eventually held him down. While obviously it is a lot safer if police handle these situations from the start, he likely would have gotten away if locals didn’t catch him. Madison Square Park is such a beautiful and friendly place, open to everyone, so it’s great that the community helped in this case to keep it safe. At MadParkNews we love this.

Crime in Madison Square Park is extremely rare, but if you see any criminal activity happening in Madison Square Park call 911 for emergencies or 311 for non-emergencies, or find park security or the local NYPD. Let’s continue to keep this place safe and beautiful for all.


The alleged purse thief apprehended by a local and the police

Purse thief taken down by crowd in Madison Square Park, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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