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Not sure if this is just bad decision-making or a sad situation or both, but a reader sent in a photo of a tourist couple who decided to sleep on a discarded mattress on Broadway between 22nd and 23rd Street. The photo was taken at 7:45am on Saturday morning and presumably they slept there Friday night. Interestingly, the couple put sheets on the mattress, and had their rolling luggage next to them. Upside: save money on hotel/hostel, view of the historic Flatiron building, sleep under the stars planes of NYC.

Downside? Well, what they may not have known is that in New York City, oftentimes mattresses are discarded because they have been infested by bed bugs, which are insanely difficult to get rid of. Hopefully the mattress was discarded simply for being old or replaced by a new sized mattress… #badideas #whatarethoseredmarksalloverme

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