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Photo by John Bernikow

Photo by John Bernikow

Here is one sent in from reader John Bernikow. It seems Modern Pinball will be going in at 362 Third Avenue (between 26th and 27th Street).

The space will be an interactive showroom for pinball machine sales and is the creation of Steve Epstein and Steve Zahler.

From what we understand, they will let people come in and for one price, play all the games in the showroom. The pinball fee can then be credited towards the purchase of your own machine. Since most of us around here don’t have the space for a game room, maybe it’s time to take out that kitchen and put in a pinball machine (we know you don’t cook much).

Like them on Facebook to hear about their grand opening event. (Hey like MadParkNews while you are at it!)Modern Pinball showroom to open at 26th Street and 3rd Avenue, 2.9 out of 5 based on 8 ratings

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