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Pooch-ini dog treat

Not every dog gets to stay at a luxurious place like the new D Pet Hotels Chelsea, but good dogs in the neighborhood can get a special treat once in a while at Madison Square Park favorite the Shake Shack.

The Shake Shack actually has a menu for dogs, which includes the Pooch-ini frozen treat, as well as the Bag o Bones (the Shack’s own special dog biscuits).

You can’t go wrong with the Pooch-ini, which is a cup of dog-friendly custard, peanut butter, and Shack biscuits for $3.75. It’s great to celebrate your dog’s birthday, or just as a treat on a hot summer day for a good dog. They love it.

My dog has only had it a couple times, but each time she looks at me in disbelief that it is really for her, and then it’s nose down into it until there is nothing left. From what I have witnessed, she goes for the peanut butter and custard first, then finishes with the dog biscuits. Not saying that one is better than the other…just observing.

Plus, you can get them in about 2 minutes in the almost always empty B line, so no waiting in the notorious Shake Shack real line. You can even pick up a custard for yourself while you are at it. Here is the (human) Shake Shack Custard Calendar for August.Pooch-ini dog treats at the Shake Shack, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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