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An entrepreneurial new popup is open now at 303 Park Avenue South (between 23rd and 24th Street). Basically, if you are in the area and rolling around luggage or bags that you just want to set down while you finish whatever you need to do, you can drop them off at Cubby. You can then pick them up later or even have them delivered. Their location is right next to the 23rd street 6 Subway as well.

Not a bad idea for tourists or Flatiron shoppers with heavy bags, or traveling business people needing a place to drop a bag before heading home. You can leave your stuff for $5-8/bag depending on size, and delivery to your home or hotel is $10 (or you can pick it up for free). Word is that if you make a bag drop reservation through their app, you get a discount. They plan on being at that location at least until October 31st, to test the business model.

Read more about it at

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