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drybar mpn“No cuts. No color. Just Blowouts.” That’s the motto of the Dry Bar, which we finally had the opportunity to try over the weekend. It’s a fun treat to have someone else do your hair for a change– and at $40 a ‘do (plus gratuity), it’s also completely reasonable. We’ve certainly spent that amount on other lovely things in the neighborhood that have not lasted nearly as long (i.e. a hefty tab at Raines Law Room, the braised beef short ribs at Craft, a block of perfectly-aged cheese from Eataly, just to name a few)– and none of them came with a complimentary shampoo.

The vibe of Dry Bar is bright and casual with rom-coms playing on flat screens and upbeat music pumping throughout. Once you’ve chosen your desired style from the menu, which ranges from “simple and straight” to “lots of loose curls” and everything in-between, the only other decision you need to make is what you would like to drink (champagne or wine? coffee or tea? sparkling or fruit-infused water?) and which guilty-pleasure magazine you would like to peruse. And hey, as long as you’re treating yourself, you might as well spring $10 for the 10-minute head massage. We highly recommend it.

Located at 4 W. 16th Street (between 5th & 6th), Dry Bar also offers memberships and is available for private parties.

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