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Francine Collection laptop bags

Tekserve (119 West 23rd Street between 6th and 7th Avenue) has put together a list of dating apps to help you meet someone new, as well as cool gift ideas for your Valentine, and devices to let you enjoy date nights at home.

They highlight apps such as Blendr and OkCupid to help you find someone new, and DateEscape to get you out of a bad date.

And why not an out-of-print book iPad cover to give your significant other some hip literary cred? Or for something more high-fashion, check out the Francine Collection of laptop bags.

They also mention the Apple TV, where you can stay home and warm and watch movies from iTunes or Netflix, as well as an iPico PJ205

Portable Projector for iPhone, so you can share all of your iPhone photos and videos.

Check out the full list of Tekserve’s tips at

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