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Does your dad still use a mobile phone from the 80’s? Does he ask where the typewriter is around the house? Is he obsessed with using fax machines? Does he only watch VHS movies? Well here is your chance to bring him into this decade by winning him an amazing new Mac, iPhone, or iPad or anything else they sell at Tekserve for Father’s Day! Here’s how it works:

  1. Stop by the Tekserve store (119 West 23rd Street between 6th and 7th Avenue) and take a photo of yourself with the product you want to give your dad for Father’s Day (up to $2,000). That means you could go for an Apple MacBook Air, an iPad, an iPhone, or even many models of Apple iMacs, as well as anything else they sell at Tekserve.
  2. Submit the photo from step 1 to They let you edit it, photoshop it, or simply upload it as is. Get creative!
  3. Once you post your photo, it will be displayed on the Tekserve page for your friends, family, and fellow fans to vote on (1 vote per day per person until June 14th 2012). The photo with the most votes by June 14th wins the product, just in time for Father’s Day! Check out your current competition here – you can take them!

So go take your photo at Tekserve, post it, and rally your friends to vote for it each day!

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