There are a lot of great burgers in New York City, and even just in the Madison Square Park and Flatiron neighborhoods, but there may be a new contender for “Best Burger in NYC”. We have of course 2 local favorites in the Shake Shack Shackburger and the akaushi cheeseburger with herbed mayo and pickled jalapenos at ABC Kitchen. But the New York EDITION Hotel, situated in the ClockTower building just east of Madison Square Park may be the best of the hood.

The Lobby Bar burger is composed of Dry aged ½ lb burger, with bacon, cheddar, Churchill sauce, red onion, and a side of fries. Our server actually told us she was a vegetarian but finally had to try this burger after bringing it out so many times. And she did. It has all the components you would want with a high quality aged beef burger on a great bun. Two of us actually split one and it was delicious. The fries are perfect too, deep fried and thin. Admittedly I first tried this late night after a few drinks and it just tasted amazing, but I went back a month later for a gluttonous lunch and it was just as good totally sober.

You can get the burger in the lobby bar as well as the ClockTower restaurant. It runs for a whopping $24 so it is not cheap, but not bad if you split it.

Here is the full menu at the Lobby Bar.