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Job Fair at Tekserve on Saturday, with great positions from $10 an hour to $75,000 a year!

Love all the latest Apple gadgets and computers? Well now you can turn that love and knowledge into a career at local Apple experts, Tekserve (119 West 23rd Street, between 6th and 7th Avenue).

They are having a job fair on Saturday July 27th from 10am-1pm right at the store, with part-time positions ranging from $10-$20 per hour to salaried positions that range from $40,000-$75,000 per year!

What to bring:

  1. A complete application: Get it from
  2. Your résumé
  3. Three work references they can call.

Here is a list of all the open positions:


Tekserve shows us how to quickly and affordably automate a home

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The team at Tekserve (119 West 23rd Street, between 6th and 7th Avenue) always find creative ways to use technology to improve your personal and business life, and this is no exception.

Using a Belkin WeMo, IFTTT, and an iPhone, they show us all how we can quickly automate our home to do things like turn on the AC 15 minutes before we get home, start the coffee machine when the motion detector sees that we are getting out of bed, and write rules for what time lights should come on or off. You can dream up endless recipes to make your life easier! It’s all controlled directly from your iPhone and it costs less than $100. Pretty cool!

It’s an interesting read – See the full post at

A look at new Apple iOS 7 features that are good for business, from Tekserve

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When we think of an iPhone, we tend to think of the consumer apps and games. But neighborhood Apple experts Tekserve (store at 119 West 23rd Street, between 6th and 7th Avenue) have given us a quick rundown of the upcoming iOS 7 features that will be most important for business-oriented iPhone users in the next release of the operating system.

Let’s jump in to their analysis.

  • Managed Open In: The ‘open in’ feature on iPhones can actually be a security hole, but the latest version of iOS lets companies block which apps can access this feature to protect sensitive business information.
  • Per App VPN: Apps can send their data via a ‘VPN’ tunnel, controllable by the MDM admin rather than the app developer. This keeps this network traffic within the private Virtual Private Network.
  • App Store License Management: One big change is that now you purchase licenses rather than apps, and then businesses can assign those licenses to (or revoke them from) their employees.
  • New MDM Configuration Options: “MDM now supports fonts, accessibility options, AirPrint printers, and AirPlay screensharing.”
  • Streamlined MDM Enrollment: “IT can now specify MDM enrollment at the time of purchase.” Tekserve calls this a game changer that they will discuss in the future.
  • Enterprise Single Sign On: Users can sign on once, and the password will be securely shared among multiple apps and Safari so you don’t have to keep signing in.
  • Locally Cache Apps & iBooks: Using any Mac, you can install the $20 Mac OS X Server and use it to cache apps and iBooks to improve bandwidth issues when multiple employees need the same stuff.
  • Additional Features:
    • Third-party app data protection
    • Smart mailboxes in Main
    • View PDF annotations
    • Exchange 2010 note syncing

Read the Tekserve Blog for the complete article: Apple Announces New iOS 7 Features for Business & Education

Also, Tekserve’s iPad and iPhone Integration team develops, provisions, deploys and manages customized Mobile Device Management (MDM) strategies for companies of any size. Contact Tekserve today for more info.

13 Things That Impressed Tekserve From Apple’s WWDC

Apple had their WWDC on Monday, a time when they make a lot of their big product announcements, and our friends at Tekserve (store at 119 West 23rd Street, between 6th and 7th Avenue) tell us 13 things that impressed them from the big event.

We list them below but read the full article to get the scoop on what the changes are and why they liked them.

  1. The Redesign of iOS 7
  2. Control Center in iOS 7
  3. Notification sync
  4. Activation Lock
  5. Phone, FaceTime and Message blocking
  6. Auto Updating of Apps
  7. Siri sounds less like a robot
  8. AirDrop comes to iPhone
  9. iTunes Radio
  10. Calendar
  11. Multiple Display Support for Mac:
  12. The New Mac Pro
  13. MacBook Air 12 hour battery life

Read the details at

For more color on the different product announcements, check out their coverage of The New MacBook Air Mac, the The Mac Pro, ios 7, and everything you need to know about OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

Tekserve examines leaving cable tv behind and getting all of your content streamed

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In an interesting post this month on the blog for Local Apple specialists Tekserve (store at 119 West 23rd Street, between 6th and 7th Avenue), they break down what you need to get all of your content through streaming, rather than broadcast tv through your cable company.

Could it be done? Many of us have seen our monthly cable bill skyrocket higher over the last 10 years, and cutting the cord on cable could lead to massive savings. It’s a growing trend to get all one’s content through streaming through iPads, smartphones, PCs and even your TV, without the cable box.

Read their post “Cable vs. Streaming: A Beginners Guide to Cord Cutting” to learn more about devices that can be used, streaming services that are available, and how to still get your news and live sports if you dump your pricey cable service.


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