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(We recently read in a press release on that local web development firm DG Interactive would be accepting Bitcoin as payment, and we wanted to learn more. Here is a quick Q&A with Dave Grossman, CEO of DG Interactive.)

MadParkNews (MPN): How long has DG Interactive been based in the Madison Square Park/Nomad neighborhood? If you have been here for a while, have you seen changes in the area with business or just the neighborhood?

Dave Grossman, CEO of DG Interactive (DGI): We have been in the neighborhood since 2007 and in our current location at 99 Madison since 2011. I’ve absolutely noticed the area come to life in that time. Lots of new condos and places to eat and drink. Especially since Eataly opened its doors (but of course, with Shake Shack before that) you see a lot more foot traffic in the area and I can see the boundaries of the area creeping north and west.

dgi_largeMPN: What does DG Interactive specialize in?

DGI: We’re a web development firm specializing in modern web and mobile technologies with an emphasis on socially engaging experiences. In short, things like websites, mobile and responsive sites, interactive web experiences, 3D animations, and Facebook promotions. We work primarily with mid-to-large sized clients.

MPN: Do you work with businesses in the neighborhood and if so what types of companies?

DGI: We’ve actually never had a client from the neighborhood but would love to have some!

MPN: We read the press release about accepting Bitcoin. Are you worried about the volatility of the currency?

DGI: Not at all. While it’s exciting to take a new and progressive form of payment, we bear no currency risk as the payments are instantly converted back to dollars by Coinbase. A company could choose to hold in Bitcoin, of course, but after the Bitcoin dropped from $,1200 last week to under $600, would anyone really want to risk that? We’ve all read about the variety of businesses and individuals taking payment in Bitcoin, from the car dealership to Virgin Galactic and some people selling and renting real estate in Bitcoin. But you’ll also note prices aren’t being quoted in Bitcoin as it’s too volatile. So when someone pays us in Bitcoin, those coins are being converted at the exchange rate of that second. If they happen to be sitting on a stack of Bitcoins they bought at $10 a coin and need a new web enterprise built, we’re happy to take those Bitcoins off their hands! If it gets to a stable exchange rate, then of course it would become possible to quote in Bitcoin.

MPN: What is your office’s favorite every day lunch or coffee spot in the neighborhood? Any hidden gems readers should know about?

DGI: Wow, that’s a long list!! We mix it up all the time but some favorites for lunch are Shake Shack, Fresh and Co, Hill Country Chicken, Mandoo Bar, Ichiumi, Schnippers, ilili, and Eataly. For coffee, we do regular runs to Birch Coffee on 27th as well as Starbucks. Birch is a bit of a hidden gem for sure.5 questions with Dave Grossman of DG Interactive, based near Madison Square Park, 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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